2 Average

Sanam Teri Kasam is story a girl told by a man who fall in love with her on very first side .This film got every thing music and concept of beauty and the beast . Inder's bad Beastly Image with soft heart who living alone like punishment of undone crime and Saru's innocent Beauty broke the spell . Off course, We love the concept of 2 opposite characters change for each other and fall in love . Mainly its story of Saru , a simple old school, good , innocent girl who became problem for family when its come to her marriage. She is a biggest hurdle for her younger sister's wedding because no one want to marry Saru . First hour of the film is emotional inner journey of Saru who trying really hard to change herself so some one can marry her . She meet her neighbor bad guy imaged Inder and his bad repute kid of rub on her and she got in trouble and his father disown her which bring 2 character Indar and Saru together

Now question is this a 21 century films then yes we still have live in society which holds old school value .It portrait a class that still stick to culture and values strictly in 21 century.If you think in this century a daughters marriage is not a problem for parents then you living inside your head.especially when girl is simple and old school . In every age and time we have character like Saur who find their selves misfit and rejected by people . I am sure there will be many viewer who can relate to Saru . Marwa Husaan shows a potential of very promising big screen actress but hats off to Harshvardhan Rane because second half is his performance and he held audience on a emotional roller coaster . His expression and delivery both is beyond excellent in second half . you wont be able to dry your eyes .