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Rules – Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula Movie Review

Rules – Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula Movie Rating

When you saunter to a theatre to watch a film with such an unusual title and a not-too-established star cast, obviously the expectations are not too great. It is this low-key expectation that takes you completely by surprise as the lights go off and the story unfurls.

RULES � PYAAR KA SUPERHIT FORMULA is a feel good entertainer with a refreshing storyline, but an ordinary screenplay, coupled with some illogical turn of events, take it downhill.

Radha [Meera Vasudevan] is an assistant to renowned fashion photographer Uday. She has a crush on a supermodel, Vikram Verma [Milind Soman], ever since she was a kid.

Vikram, after ruling the fashion circuit for quite some time, nurtured a dream to become a restauranteur and move beyond the arc lights. Maggi [Namrata Barua], Vikram's girlfriend, has other plans, to switch over to films.

One fine day, Radha's world changes dramatically. Her childhood crush is shooting for an ad film in the same studio where she works. But becomes miserable when it dawns upon her that Vikram already has a girlfriend and she has no hope of ever winning him over.

Enters Radha's grand-mother [Tanuja]. Worried about her Radha's behaviour and her extent of affection towards Vikram, she gives Radha five rules to woo the man she loves.

Radha is ecstatic, as one by one all the rules gets her closer and more closer towards Vikram till she finally wins him over. Now what?

When everything was just working fine, Radha realises that she exploited Vikram's good nature and manipulated the rules to get what she wanted. She opts out of the relationship, leaving Vikram completely bewildered.

Loosely inspired by LOVE IN SIMLA [Joy Mukherji, Sadhana], RULES � PYAAR KA SUPERHIT FORMULA has many aces up its sleeve. The narrative moves at a brisk pace, keeping you hooked.

Besides the principal characters, there is also a housewife, a corporate woman, a producer and a gay couple adding spice to the happenings. What's appreciable is that these characters gel completely with the screenplay and don't hinder the film's progress.

Debutante director Parvati Balagopalan impresses in her debut. She should not only be complimented for trying such a different theme, but also for the way she brought innovation to film-making techniques.

Special mention has to be made of the way she has introduced certain characters and subsequently weaved them in the story, without deviating from the main plot and yet all those characters are complete with no loose strings hanging.

Radha's crush, her reasons for pursuit, her initial embarrassment and her grand-mother's concern seem very close to reality.

On the flip side, the film leaves several questions unanswered� But the issue that remains on your minds is, why does Radha leave Vikram when, after all those efforts, she has finally won the man she desired all through? Even otherwise, the 'rules' are nothing much to rave or rant about.

Moreover, the graph of the film takes a dip towards the second half. It's not as exciting as one would've expected it to be.

Music [Sandesh Shandilya] is tuneful. The songs are in sync with the happenings and move the story forward. Cinematography is alright. Dialogues are quite good.

Milind Soman does his part well, expressing the right expressions at the right places. Tanuja lights up the frame whenever she appears. Meera Vasudevan has a dream role and she doesn't disappoint. She emotes the vulnerability and innocence well and is at ease both in emotional as well as light moments. Namrata Barua is just about okay.

On the whole, RULES - PYAAR KA SUPERHIT FORMULA is a feel good, decent entertainer that holds ample appeal for the youth mainly. At the box-office, its business prospects at metros and more specifically in multiplexes should prove to be the best.

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