3 Good

Rocky Handsome is a decent effort by Bollywood to present a less song and dance and more action movie. The movie is deeply deeply inspired from John Wick and many of the scenes reminding us that we are seeing a desi version of buffed up Keanu Reeves who talks less, shoots a lot Also like the famous move Raid it has borrowed some brutal knife fight scenes. In short it is a combo of 60% John Wick, 30% Raid and 10% Man on Fire ( theme of the plot ).

The Direction is not so bad, but could have been better. Lot of holes in the plot which will keep you guessing why such brutal villains are so merciful with the hero and why there is a large group of police wondering who is John instead of arresting the drug dealers whom they know very well. In short the story could have been better and shows that where exactly bollywood directors falls short infront of Hollywood.

It is a one time watch but if you are into lot of Hollywood action movies or movies like Raid 1 and 2 you might not enjoy it a lot. However most Indian fans would love the action scenes.

Action 7/10 - Inspired from Raid Story 5/10 - Inspired from Man on Fire Movie experience - Average - Inspired from John Wick