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Return of Hanuman Movie Review

Return of Hanuman Movie Rating

The film begins with a disclaimer, stating that RETURN OF HANUMAN is not a sequel to any film made before. But is it really possible to watch the new experience forgetting all about the first part?

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed HANUMAN, you expect an encore with RETURN OF HANUMAN, although the makers, for reasons best known to them, have decided to alienate the new film with the first animation film on Lord Hanuman. The makers may have their reasons, but for the viewer, the comparisons are inevitable.

Honestly speaking, one shouldn't compare the two films for a very valid reason. While HANUMAN was a pure mythological film, RETURN OF HANUMAN merges mythology with the present-day kalyug ki duniya. In this film, there's Gabbar Singh, plus voice-over clones of, hold your breath, Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjeev Kumar and Raaj Kumar. What's more, Baby Hanuman handles a volley of bullets like Keanu Reeves handled them in the MATRIX series.

RETURN OF HANUMAN begins with the battle between the gods and rakshas. The focus shifts to a small kid, Minku, in a small village in present-day India, who's ridiculed by his friends. Lord Hanuman requests Narad Muni to convince Lord Brahma to send him to earth. Lord Brahma agrees, but Lord Hanuman is made to sign a contract, which has several do's and don'ts.

It's innovative to merge mythology with the contemporary and a number of sequences do make an impression, especially in the first hour. But the film drags in the post-interval portions and a long-drawn climax only dilutes the impact of several interesting sequences.

One of the prime reasons why HANUMAN worked was because Baby Hanuman was very cute, very lovable. The Baby Hanuman in RETURN OF HANUMAN is equally adorable. Sequences depicting his voracious appetite as also with his timid friend Minku are quite enjoyable.

Technically, the animation quality is okay. But it's still not at par with the animation movies made in the West. At best, RETURN OF HANUMAN is enjoyable in parts. If you're a kid or have a kid hidden in you, this one's for you!

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