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Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Movie Review

Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa Movie Rating

Comedies are the flavor of the season and RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA follows the rules and guidelines earnestly. But let's not mistaken this film to be an offshoot of PARTNER and WELCOME. The idea is to recreate the Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee kind of cinema by handling a serious topic [marital problems] in a humorous format.

Although the topic it touches is serious in nature, debutante director S. Chandrakant weaves humor in the plot so that the goings-on don't get heavy at any point. Also, you don't really expect the moon from the film, so you aren't disappointed either.

To cut a long story short, RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA isn't a great comedy by any chance. But you continue to smile, not squirm, as the reels unfold!

The story revolves around three married couples -- Prem [Aashish Chowdhary] and Khushi [Amrita Arora], Santosh [Rajpal Yadav] and Shanti [Neha Dhupia] and Mr. and Mrs. Khurana [Anupam Kher and Rati Agnihotri]. Santosh marries Shanti, a small-town girl, and later realizes that Shanti is not the 'perfect wife'. Petty differences start popping up and Santosh starts day-dreaming and imaging other women as his wives.

The marriage of Prem and Khushi is also not smooth-sailing, since Khushi is too demanding as a wife. How the two couples make up in the end forms the crux.

A simple plot with equally simple execution -- that's the right way to sum up RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA. The arguments and tiffs between the newly-married couple [Rajpal, Neha] seem real at times. Also, Rajpal's over-active imagination -- of imagining other's wife as his -- make the goings-on interesting.

On the flip side, the writer hasn't spelt the reasons that put Rajpal and Neha in the war zone. Why are they constantly bickering? The other couple's [Aashish, Amrita] relationship is also not well-developed. Aashish is an excellent husband, but Amrita seeks divorce in the end. It should've been the other way round.

Debutante S. Chandrakant shows a flair for comedies. But he could've done with a tighter script. Siddharth-Suhas' music is a plus point. The songs are easy on the lips. Dialogues are funny at places.

RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA doesn't demand histrionics, so everyone's over the top, in keeping with the mood of the film. Rajpal Yadav is the scene stealer. Neha too acts well. Aashish has a Salman Khan hang-up. He ought to be natural. Amrita Arora gets minimal scope. Anupam Kher and Rati Agnihotri are adequate.

On the whole, RAMA RAMA KYA HAI DRAMAAA is a fair entertainer.

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