4 Very Good

TERRIBLE is the word suitable to the movie or may be it was even worse. Before interval we cud try understand what sll is happening. It was all random and incoherent. The feminine Sushant cudnt carry the role of a pkay boy aptly and the dialogues make it worse rather ridiculing. After interval we almost snoozing and wanted to doze off. the two halves dont connect at all. If u go out for a break in Interval u might feel that u hv come to a different theatre for another boring flick as it carries no relevant reference to first half. Kriti is terrible and doesnt look half gud. None of the actors carries role aptly be it Sushant's friend who's alwez a debacle or Raj k rao or the very villain. Screenplay is as weak as the actors. Romantic genre movie doesnt have a single scene to be cherished. Music is no great as one title song is remake of earlier song where director fails to cast a spell with Dip's charm and beauty even. Rather Deepika looks disgusting despite being hottest Heroin of bollywood. Towards the end it gets even more melodramatic and forces you to leave the hall without watching the predictable climax. Poor acting poor screenplay pooe music makes it sheer waste of money and time. Sushant must bring some effort and change in his bland acting and feminine gestures and diaogue delivery. Effort done on Rajkumar Rao's mk up goes waste as he hardly has any role or does any effort to bring his character live.Kriti and sushant look surgical siblings as might hv undrgone same surgeon's knife to hv similar face cut ,jaws lifts