3 Good


There have been a couple of films made on the aftermath of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, but Phantom is by far the most superior, and the one film you wish were true. Phantom however is very similar to films like Baby or even D-Day, however the concept here is little more far fetched. However what you see on the screen is very attention grabbing from the first frame, the film is racy, not a single moment is slow or bores. One gets a sense of patriotism while watching the film, you feel like clapping at the anti-climax scene. Action wise the film has some very good raw, and slick action, some scenes leave you stunned, and the films location are top notch. The films production values are great also.

Story wise the film is about the aftermath of the 26/11 attacks, it has been 8 years and India has done nothing to apprehend the accused.This is when a terrorist coming from Nepal gets captured by the Indian army and confesses to them that maybe a another attack might happen in India by Laskhar. This is when Raw decides to send one man too eliminate all they main people who were responsible for 26/11. They do so, so they can send a message that they are not scared, and that so Laskhar will think twice before sending other attackers in India. Raw takes on this mission even though Indian government said no to the mission, it happens off the record.The man they send is Danyial Khan a person who was wrongly kicked out of the army, he does the missions to get his pride and respect back. Is he successful in going across the world killing many people, to bring India justice is what forms the rest of the plot.

Acting wise Saif Ali Khan is surprisingly refreshing in a action packed Rambo role, he is one man army, and does great.Katrina Kaif gets a meaty role, gets to do action and does good justice to her role. Other than the leads its Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub who stands out, he is superb.

Dir Kabir Khan has become a brand like Raju Hirani, and with Phantom after just 7 weeks of the release of the all time blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan he delivers another superb film in Phantom. Phantom is a gritty, raw action thriller, and it works on almost all accords. A special mention to some of the goose bump worthy dialogues. However when compared to similar film like Baby its far more unrealistic and far fetched. However other than the stretched weak ending and that there have been similar films made already like Phantom the film has no other minuses,its a taut insightful entertaining film.

Overall I would like to state that Phantom is not a anti-Pakistan film its a anti terrorism film. Its a film all indians should watch because you will be entertained, and you feel patriotic. One leaves the theatre thinking and wishing that if only this film was true because,India just wants justice.

3.5/5* or 7/10