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PHANTOM - Saif Ali Khan is really spending a bad time in Bollywood now. And with Phantom and just a little bit of luck he can get the desperate HIT he is searching for. Which means according to me Phantom is a good movie to watch but not very good to watch twice. The problem shockingly is the Starcast. Saif is not an actor who can do great action sequences or to whom you can relate as an Ex Army officer. I am not complaining about his acting capabilities but there is no actor in this world who can do every character perfectly , and this one was not for Saif. We are use to see Saif in playful romantic character. Infect even if he is playing a villain (Lagda Tyagi) he seems quite playful. He can also be a smart Spy (that also is a playful character) in Agent Vinod. But he surly cant be a serious Army Officer. He haven't done anything special in LOC Kargil neither he did anything special in Phantom. For Katrina Kaif i would say she has a very limited acting capabilities and also there exist very limited character which she can perform , mostly which are of a bubbly girl in Bang Bang and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and doing action is surely not one of them . Although Zesshan Ayyub and Sabyashachi Chatterjee did good with whatever limited time they have given. But that's not enough for compensating the acting department. Although acting department haven't shown anything special still the plot , the screenplay(except the confusing sequence in Seria in with nothing is clear that who is attacking whom and what exactly going on) , the Patriotism and the Direction is good enough to make the movie a good one time watch. The planning of killing the criminals who have been the masterminds of 26/11 attack were good. Its not like there hasn't been loopholes but the entertainment can make those loopholes to be ignored. Ofcoarse we cant expect Bollywood movies to be Mission Impossible or Bourne series or Bond Series yet its good that at least they are trying. Kabir Khan is evolving as one of the good director making thoughtful movies also doing good business. Only bad movie after making 5 of them is Ek Tha Tiger which also did good business thanks to Salmaan Khan. With Phantom also he continues his wining strike. In comparison Phantom is better then Ek Tha Tiger and Agent Vinod but in a lower side if compared to D Day. There could be a debate on the fact that which film is better - Phantom or Baby. It can be different for different people. I find Phantom to be a little better then Baby although Saif is no where close to the intensity which Akhsay brought to Baby. That means an actor like Akhsay could have made Phantom a lot better. Cinematography has been the high point of the film. And the movie is visually beautiful. Background score was great. Pritam as a music director didn't get any chance to show his talent and i think he tried too much to bring out Pakistani tone to the songs which makes the songs uninteresting to Bollywood audience. Afgan Jalebi was nicely done as an important part of the movie. Using any other new comer as the music director could have helped to keep the budget of the movie low. Anybody who liked Baby or D Day will like this too. Watch it for the Patriotism displayed. It will touch your heart at least in a little amount. 7.1/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR