4.5 Excellent

I watch moive since 1980 regularly.

Outstanding story Line. This is the reality of NRI in usa and uk. What ever Katrina and Upom showed, these are real picture. Truely speaking little more but they didnot show it.

But Director couldnot create more immotion due to poor acting of Akshay kumar and Dialogs.

Movie dialogs are no more strong now a day. All invest more money on Visuals. But not in dialog. So immotion doesnt create at all. In old movies they had strong dialogs to express a story line. But now a day hard to see.

Katrina perform the best as typical NRI(100%).

Rishi Kapor is big actor. He could perform much better if dialog would be strong.

Sometimes I saw some illogical scences. Why askhay meet upom in the mosque. And upom said I am here to change my religion-(Illogical and we are all fool)

I like the movie.