5 Excellent

The Akshay-Vipul combo delivers yet again, and this time with not just heart but even their brain in place. An intellect film-maker having command over the medium of cinema churns out a story on celluloid which not just touches your heart, but it preaches, entertains, projects Indian values across the globe, hints at racism and finally makes you feel Proud to be an Indian.

It projects a Diaspora of emotions and relationships in such a light manner that it leaves more impact than some of the “Critically correct” heavy duty stuff from some hard-hitting directors. Its not just a film, but an attitude. An attitude of an average Indian who might be fighting his way out on the street of London, but he has the farms of Punjab in his heart intact. The presentation leaves you as spell-bound as its content.

Since this is a review, lets come to some specific film-terminology to deliver the feedback more authentically. The direction has been of an extremely high quality. A lot of thought has gone into manufacturing a quality product that is commercially viable. However it would be unfair to state that going by directors previous work (Waqt), this time that extra emotional punch was a bit missing which made us weep at the climax of Waqt. The story and screenplay by Suresh Nair are old yet contemporary. You might identify traces of many Hindi classics but yet it maintains its individuality. Jonnathan Bloom’s cinematography lends wonderful eyes to the story telling. Every frame speaks for itself and doesn’t allow you to shift your eyes on the distractions in the hall!!
Himesh Reshamiya will dissapoint his critics who keep banging him for his monotonous tunes which “hit their head”. This time they will be served something soulful yet contemporary. The music offers something to everyone from Phagwara to London. So the critics can take a rest this time around!! Javed Akhtar reflects why he is considered in the top league for his work.

Katrina has been presented like never before in a role, which seems tailor made for the talented actress. If the guys have a reason to wonder how every time Mr. Salman Khan manages to get the prettiest lady around, the girls will love to follow the style statement ushered by her in the movie. Rishi Kapoor delivers a commendable performance where he is as impressive in the emotional scenes as he is in the comic ones. The complexities in his life are evident on his face and yet he brings a smile on your face every time he is in frame. Upen is good and fits in the NRI mode to the hilt, just like Katrina. Others in the cast have been equally effective to the job assigned to them.

So we are almost through with the Film review…Or did we miss anything??? Hey, we described the body of the film but missed out on its soul – Akshay Kumar!! Taran Adarsh was not wrong in describing him as an actor who has come of age. With this movie, Akshay Kumar will become an actor who cannot be confined to any one genre. People said he is an “action star”, he made us laugh with comedy. Now when critics were terming him as “comic star”, he has delivered a balanced, subtle and genuine performance of the Punjabi boy and he leaves an impact without trying to put that “Extra effort” in his delivery. His critics again might point that being a Punjabi might have helped his case, and the entire plot is designed around Katrina, but once the public leaves the hall, they are bound to carry along Akshay’s comedy, patriotism, emotional pain along with them. It was funny to read a review where it was stated that some other stars would have been better choice to play this role. The fact remains that after the last frame, it is difficult to even imagine someone else playing this role leave alone playing it better!! The roars of the masses on his delivering speech to the Britisher and the tears of the classes for his beer scene with Rishi Kapoor just reflect the status this actor has achieved over the time. If people love him now, they will love him more after watching the movie- Without “herogiri” he wins your heart. Might not be the central role but one ppl will relish. One of the most bankable “Big” stars at his refrained best…

The movie might have a few slags in narration and few emotional misses, but should end up on the winning side being able to cater to the masses as well as classes. Best business should come from the North India and overseas.

You wont lose money if you watch it… Many wont mind “losing” money for second time!!!