0.5 Poor

What can I say, there was nothing new in the movie. Each scene, each sequence could be guessed. There was no surprise, no excitement at watching the movie, there was nothing new to it. The music was awful, and that is not a surprise since it is that nasal "singer" Himesh, when will the industry get rid of him. There was nothing interesting in the songs at all, they were boring as hell.
All the characters were just about OK, there was nothing exciting about them. Upen Patel needs to work on his dialogue delivery, and Katrina needs to go back to modelling. As for the others, Akshay and Rishi were good, as expected, so no surprise there as well.
On the whole, it is merely a waste of time, or of you are not in the mood to sleep and want to waste your time, you could watch this movie.