3.5 Very Good

what i was starving for in a movie for long time..was a perfect unison of typical bolly movie melodrama and reality bite.NL is picture-perfect on this criteria.it was a stress-buster on next day to india's hope-shattering match.
vipul shah ,like wakt, here again starts a profane plot with lighter notes.but this time he keeps u titilliating with well timed laughter doses even in most serious part of the movie.songs in the movie come just on time and prods to go story ahead.aesthatic picturisation of songs..most with the glimpses of india and london tourist spots-are eye candy.
katrina is a total revelation in this movie- she accomplishes her demure dazzling look with her histionics as well.AKSHAY suits and elevates the character of arjun innately.his discussions and satires are quite intersting.upen patel ,rishi kapoor and other characters also perform upto yhe mark.