4 Very Good

i have no words to say about this movie and its director vipul shah....aanken,waqt and now namaste london....vipul shah is a direcor who can handle a tragic or any other story very lightly and successfully...people may think before NL that vipul is hit beacuse of BIG B..but it's not that.....i hope we can expect more wonderful products in future.

NL is movie with romance,humor,emotion but no action scenes...though it looks like poorab and paschim..but treatment is different...


after a long time, i find Rishi kapoor awsesome....i think he was good in FANAA and excellent in NL.

wat to sat about akshay kumar...first as action hero than comedian and now as a actor who can gives 200% in any role whether movie is good or bad..

Katrina Kaif....what a change...when i was watching SARKAR...i found her only beautiful lady who can't act...but my myth is broken in NL...she is wonderful in thsi movie..

upen patel,javed sheikh and nina wadia justified their role