4.5 Excellent

Namastey London

Though the movie had been released in 2007, it iz mine all time favourite movie. Akshay & Vipul shah were back again after The success of Aankhen & Waqt. Namastey London shines like a beacon in the skies. It hollers to out to people to participate and assimilate in the Western cultures but to stick to age old traditions that have been tried and tested .

The family entertainer NL is one of the best movies that I have seen in years. Well crafted, beautiful photography, good use of Western professionals and technology that ends up with a truly embellished and beautifully told story . Music while not catchy fits in well in situations in film. the director was truly brillisant and the acting superb. Let NAMASTEY LONDON be a must see for all families...you will definitely want to see it again. Overall the fantastic movie ever.