3 Good

Mr. X

Raghu (emraan) works with the ATS along with his fiancée Siya (amyra). He is assigned an operation to protect the Chief Minister by his superior Bharadwaj (arunoday singh) but later Raghu discovers he is being used. But with Siya's life under threat, Raghu shoots the minister in front of all. Bharadwaj and his men thrash Raghu to death but he doesn't die. His friend Popo (tanmay) takes Raghu to his scientist sister and she gives him a magic potion. With this, Raghu becomes invisible and is seen only in Sunlight and Ultraviolet light. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a sci-fi storyline and while the presentation was nice, the narrative was okay but clichéd. The dialogues were alright,but cheesy. The script was predictable and the screenplay was formulaic but average. The background score was nice and were songs were hummable. Cinematography and graphics was the main strength to this film. Editing was required in the second half film began to drag to a bit. Costumes were well designed and stylish while the art department was appealing. Emraan Hashmi restrained but good . Amyra Dastur was cute and pretty. Arunoday Singh was good in a different role .

Mr X had a certain amount of expectation of being a very different grand film but Vikram Bhatt adheres to a formulaic clichéd revenge drama,where he impresses though is in the VFX and 3D department, and the effects do hold your attention.The first half is okay and the main crux unfolds here,the interval bang was alright. The second half is predictable but entertaining till the clichéd climax. Overall, Mr X is downright illogical and clichéd/ predictable at times, but its time pass masala entertainment.The effects are worth watching and if one can leave there brains at home, this film can be enjoyable for a full family audience, as there still many things to enjoy in Mr X.