3 Good


Before i reveal 13 Facts and Problems about the film, Id like to say Mohabbatein does have nice Music and it was the first time that paired Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan together. Two Great Actors in a movie directed by Aditya Chopra who has directed the Great DDLJ.

1.STORYLINE = In short, This film is about these 3 guys, who cant love because their head teacher says No to Love. (Huh?)

2.INTRODUCTION = The start of the movie, shows these 3 strangers meeting together, Why were they waiting for each other (Doesnt Explain) and how comes Jugul (who is suppose to be poor) was driving a Jeep. It was night and it turns to day suddenly?

3.SHAH RUKH KHAN'S INTRO = SRK comes in giving everybody flowers, In reality if a Man gives another man a Flower, it means there's a problem. A Gay Problem, which can offend many people.

4.SHAMITA'S INTRO = It First shows Shamita stealing some clothes from Uday. I Still don't understand why she was doing that, if She's rich.

5.PREETY JANGHIANI = She is suppose to be a widow, But for Father in Law's happiness, she pretend to be married. Why does she Wait for her husband in the Night. Is she mental, or is she impressing her father in law in a unrealistic way.

6.JOB INTERVIEW = Amitabh has his own rules in the film, but yet he gives the job of a teacher to stranger Shah Rukh Khan. It is suppose to be a Posh school, in Reality Amitabh, should of asked for references, but No, SRK was suppose to get this Job magically i guess. (Damn script)

7.CHALTE CHALTE SONG = SRK asks the 3 boys to imagine Love and run to the gate. Uday and Jimmy have seen the girl for 5 Seconds and already they are crazily in Love and running. During the song, it shows Jimmy going Hospital all the time as an excuse to see Preety. But, Its a children's Ward? And Pretty isn't a nurse?

8.JUGUL'S PHOTO = Jugul shows his friends his photo of him and Kim. He says earlier he hasn't seen her for 6 Years, The Photo looks recent?

9.KIM'S SAHELI = Kim tells Jugul about this saheli (Meaning Female Friend). But she introduces him to her BOY Friend?

10.HOLI PERMISSION = SRK asks Amitabh for Holi permissions and Amitabh agrees they can play outside if they like. But they go outside all the time as it is, why the 5 minute scene of asking for permission?

11.LIGHTS = After the song Humko Humise, It shows Uday coming late in the Uni and caught by Amitabh. You see the lights turning on one by one automatically. Who is controlling the switch...a ghost?

12.RULES AND LEAVES = Amitabh makes Rules about no one leaving the Gurukul. SRK gives them a solution with leaves. But they still break the rules, by going outside and still use the Leaf Solutuon?

13.(FINALLY) ASH'S DEATH = I understand she was tormented between her father and lover, but she chose to kill herself. Was she trying to prove a point or was her character plain stupid and weak.

Anyway, The film was still enjoyable in some scenes, Mainly the scenes with Amitabh and Shah Rukh. It wasn't a complete Letdown, Just the actual storyline was too fairy tale and unrealistic, which doesn't suit Yash Chopra Movies.

THE MOHABBATEIN STORIES. Srk and Ash story is like Romeo Juliet which suited 400 years ago, not now. Uday and Shamita was a childish love story with no twist to look forward to. Jugul and Kim's was a bore that annoyed big time cos of Kim's unusual character (She says Be yourself in Love, Then why doesn't She?). Jimmy and Preety was the worst and most pathetic. He loves a widow, It Looked Great in Sholay when Amitabh fancied jaya, Not here.

Amitabh was Brilliant as usual. Shah Rukh was terrific in a complex role. Aishwarya has no scope but looks sexy and pretty as usual. Uday is a show off, who tries too hard to copy SRK. Jimmy was dreadful in a SRK romeo style attempt. Jugul was alright I guess. Shamita was irritating and doesn't look nice. Preety looked cute, but a letdown. Kim was annoying and childish. Direction had class but nothing fantastic.