1.5 Average


Watched "Mausam" last night...it was a bad dream. One thing for sure, this is the biggest dissapiontment in the recent times of Bollywood. In this Mausam, every mausam goes worsen from d previous one. The 3 things worked are-Shahid and Sonam's performance, it's Music and the cinematography is awesome. Wat went terribly wrong is the Script and the screen play; Mr. Kapoor definitelty lacks dese things in his direction. He needs a proper directorial course, he doesnt know anything abt it. If dere r total 100 scenes in d muvi, i can count him 98 as defective and unreal. I can go for 1.5/5. Dis is a noble dissapointment. Wat u all going to wtnesss is the 5 biggest DANGAs of India in this muvi, which have no relevance at all wid the script and so wid d love story. So as a whole, going 4 d biggest love saga, Mr. Kapoor landed in NO IDEAS LAND!! Dis muvi real name shud be somewat like dis - "Kyun ki Dange Acche Hote Hain !!" Total waste of time, money and ofcourse of ur patience.