2 Average

Kill Dil

Sometimes, when you feel pressure to do something new and try to make something unusual, there would be chances of wrong landing. It happened here. Somehow, it is overcooked. Story is very simple and routine, so making it new, makers stuffed it with unjustified incidents and old twists and turns. Screenplay does not offer anything new. Like, for showing hero good nature to girl he feeds poor kids in Dhaba, is so many times told. Hats off to dialogues. They are just brilliant and make any normal scene interesting. Chemistry between both male lead is impressive but it lacks in most of the love scenes. I was happy in first half but when it came to interval, I was sensing that second half may have been least interesting and alias it happened. Climax came abruptly and without any justification. There is not a single police investigation of all the murders but suddenly they shown in a single scene!!? Why!? I had already accepted that there is no law and order at all but this small scene broke all my assumptions. Performance wise Ali Zafer is impressive. His looks and expressions match very well. Ranveer Singh is good but not in emotional scenes at all. You will smile while watching him cry. Govinda is balanced. Parineeti Chopda is fine. Music by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy is good. The track " Sajde kiya re" is melodious.