3 Good

Watching Bollywood movies , you get disillusioned seeing the crassness, but some producers/Directors know their Job well.this weekend release Kapoor and sons (since 1921) proved that right again .In simple words this movie shouldn't be missed.A family entertainer which churns your heart to the core and brings out that baby emotions hidden somewhere. Now coming back to film script is marvelous with all characters beautifully crafted,u long for each one of them, everybody have their problems and their own worries. Casting was done aptly, beautiful acting by all ,special mention Rishi kapoor he's your comic boy in this movie.songs are beautifully interwoven with beautiful lyrics with astutely crafted music. In one go its a must watch.........Family is most important adhesive, don't stretch it that much, so that it looses its capability and doesn't bind anymore.