2 Average

Summary- It had the potential but! (×3) the characters speak like they're legit reading it out from a script. I know it's been set in 1946-1956 ke beech but no one would've sounded so poetic (not in a good way). Over all- Kalank failed me, as a viewer. After a point I really didn't care about what happened to Zafar and Roop as it isn't as enticing or engaging, given the time over which Kalank stretches over. Bottom line- wait till it's broadcasted on T.V Brief- Another major problem for me were the placement of Kalank's songs! Imagine- Young Roop is getting married to Dev, on Dev's wife's watch. Roop doesn't love Dev and neither has she seen him, ever. This scene has an emotional potential! Aur iss beech #baakisabfirstclasshai plays! The story itself speaks volumes. But the characters or rather (those who play them) don't live up to this beautiful narrative. The purpose of the film is lost somewhere between showing beautiful dance numbers and and some unnecessary scenes. But, I really couldn't connect to the story because of the 'goal' the film tried to achieve. Even though it claims to tell a tale about 'najayaz pyaar' by the end of the film you don't even feel ki najayaz tha bhi kya kuch. You get what I mean? The purpose of kalank isn't clear. Twitter- @RaulTweets_