4 Very Good

Jodi Breakers

Jodi Breakers Review by me - - Must Must Watch…..before I may criticize it on some points, please get hold of two “Must”……It is one of the best Rom Com I have seen in recent time. Almost flawless ! The parts of movie making which become the major points of criticism across today’s genre of movie makers are screenplay, pace of a movie and predictable story line but Jodi Breakers had been superbly crafted into scenes, was kept to the point and thus had the right pace, also the story deceives your prediction

I could not believe that the director Ashwini Chaudhary had “Good Boy Bad Boy” to his credentials. He has improved by far in last 5 years to present a directorial gem like Jodi Breakers. 10 on 10 for executing a wonderful story and 10 on 10 to present some sex comedy scenes in hilariously acceptable way. You will have good time watching the movie as it has the entertaining moments in quick intervals.

Omi Vaidya had couple of hilarious sequences which one would keep as video clips in their collection. He was full on the audience expectations to entertain them with his style of dialogue delivery and expressions. Performances were A-rated for all the characters but the “hukum ka ikka” was Madhavan. He came as a show stealer after a long time since RHTDM. He was natural to the core and very easy at his character.

I could not find the name of the dialogue writer but he has a long way to go. He made the story telling very catchy for the audience and kept the atmosphere alive. The twist and turn in the movie were timely presented and were pleasing for those who were in search of a convincing story. You will not be able to find lose ends in the screenplay that may make the story unconvincing. Every scene moves on to your acceptance and you enjoy the masterpiece of direction, narration and acting without getting turned off over a single scene having dialogues.

The only disappointment and turn off in the movie was music. They could have managed to cut 1 or 2 numbers over the editing table. Salim-Sulaiman – Don’t let your fans down, you have a big big fan club out here. The poor musical score may have given a little setback to the marketers of the movie BUT for those who have thirst for watching fresh humor and stories – They must focus on the popcorn tub while the reel move on the songs.

Don’t get deceived by the promos, it says nothing about the movie. Even my preview was skewed because of the promos but I was entertained beyond the worth of time and money I spent. As a hardcore bollywood fan, I wish to see many more debutant producers and directors bringing fresh content like Jodi Breakers. CHEERS !