4 Very Good


Jannat is a film about cricket, out from Vishesh films. The Bhatt have always some good story to tell. Jannat stund out to be the good story from their banner.
The storyline based on a person for who is not greedy, but just want to be a rich man, want to fullfill his wish. And the fastest way of money spinner is match fixing which is illegal in india, but he's great as he got the six-sense. Its about his lover girl friend, who fall in love as he impressed her and loves him madly at last.
The story begins with Arjun, who doesn't afraid of gambling and of loosing. He has the wish to win. And he always failed. On day, he met Zoya in the shop who is wanting to buy a ring. He found his love. They fall in love, Arjun cover the truth of his job. He became rich, and moved to South Africa. Zoya knows about him, she tried to changed him. Can she change him? Can she give him a new life? That's the story.
The script trun this time very good. There's no watse time in the film. The editing is also perfect. The music from pritam stands out. Zara Sa, Tumhe apne dil se, Judai and Jannat jaha... all are really excellent.
Emraan Hashmi give best performence after Awarapan. We seen him in Murder, Zeher, Aksar, Kalyug, Awarapan and now its again, another brilliant performance.
Sonal Chauhan as Zoya hasn't a big role, but she delivers her best which is more than for an debutant. She's charming, sexy, and stylish as her performance.
On tyhe whole, Jannat doesn't make you depress. Its a good film, infect VERY good film, with great performance, with good script and yes good music. So go for it.