5 Excellent


Just five star rated movie (*****). By just watching movie you can judge the intellect level of writer and Mahesh Bhatt. Really wonderful movie. They know how to relate the big scandals(Bob woolmer case) with the ordinary man's life. They have use the words liks Boards, Councils, match fixing terms and ideas aptfully. Most probably a bookie can tell this thing the way how they do fix all the matches. Acting of Imraan Hashmi is just perfect and it just works as cherry on the cake. Story is well penned and very tight script. Sonal Chauhan has also done well job. Music is just awesome and nothing can be better than this. Vishal Malhotra and especially Abhimanue (As inspector) are good supporter(Like middle order of Indian Cricket Team). Overall everything is well planned and executed. New story on a new couple and will help Hashmi to create its own cult.
Scene just before the intercval and when in the scene in which Zoya says "because I Love You" after the song Lambi Judaiare really gr8. Perfect timing and just apt dialogue. Cause this was the only dialogue which a writer or anybody could justify at such a moment.
The way they do matchfixing in the end is a truth and director has shot that very well where a bookie can understand the terms and for layman it will be just another scene.