4 Very Good

Jannat 2

Jannat 2 : "Not to be missed"
The fact that separate d Bhatt Camp from others dat they never go with d trend or star power, they just comes up wid a story to tell. And they have kept it simple dis time around as well.
The first half is highly engrossing. Second half looses pace though, but d quality of acting didnt let the film loose its grip throughout. Emraan Hashmi proved once again he had d capabilities of carrying a film on his shoulders, and on his lips offcourse.
Randeep Hooda was impeccable.
The girl Esha Gupta looked gOOd..
Another commendable effort from Kunal Deshmukh after Jannat 1. This guy is certainly busy making 'Heavens' for Mahesh Bhatt..