3 Good

A sequel comes with a lot of baggage. I believe Jannat is one of the finest films produced by Vishesh Films. Is Jannat 2 engaging ? Yes but is Jannat 2 as good or even better than Jannat ? the answer is No.Jannat 2 is a decent product but pales when compared to Jannat ! although the only similarity between these two movies is the leading man and the production house. Jannat 2 has a good story about a street smart thief who becomes a police informer and gets involved into the murky battle of the police and the underworld ! the screenplay has some loop holes and also some dull moments in the first half but the second half is entirely watchable. in fact there are several exciting moments in the second half ! the pre-climax scene is terrific ! there are many twists and turns in the penultimate moments ! dialogues are good but too many crass words are injected !
action is raw and thoroughly enjoyable ! the chase sequences are a treat ! music is superb ! camera work is excellent ! direction by Kunal Deshmukh is good !although not matching upto the standard of Jannat , he does a fair job.
Jannat 2 also works because of its lead performances. Emraan Hashmi delivers yet another knockout performance.he sinks into the teeth of the character and gives in a superb performance.Randeep Hooda is amazing.
he handles the intense scenes with such maturity ! the chemistry between Emraan Hashmi and Randeep Hooda is enjoyable ! debutante Esha Gupta pitches in a a fine performance ! Manish Choudhary is terrific ! Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is first-rate ! Arif Zakaria is good ! Sumeet Nijhawan is alright.
overall, JANNAT 2 is not as engaging as Jannat but is a fine product with gripping performances and a thrilling second half !