3 Good

Jannat 2

it's a journey of a cop and his informer set against the backdrop of the arms trade in Delhi.now i have understood the film making trend of Bhatt's.take a good engaging story,a good music,cast Emraan Hashmi,launch a newcomer and a Bhatt Camp film is ready to enjoy.no doubt the film is engaging throughout but in parts it bores you when it get's sidetracked.i will say Emraan is improving with his every film.till date this is his best performance never seen him in such a different role.Randeep Hooda also surprises you with his power packed performance.performance of both these actors is the plus point of this film.Esha as a newcomer is good and impresses you with her acting skills and pretty looks.music has to be good as it is Emreen Hashmi's film.the direction is good and some scenes are shot exceptionally well especially the turning point of the film when everybody knows the true picture as in who is involved in this trade,who double crosses whom,who is with the cops who is not with the cops etc etc.overall a good film.good job by the whole team of Jannat 2.recommended.