4.5 Excellent

Jab We Met

jab we met i went to see it with lot of expectation
coz it was second movie after "socha na tha" one of the nicest romantic story of this decade.
and guess what i was very happy to see that all expectation were fulfilled.
a great romantic plot with superb performance,i have seen people are going gaga with kareena performance,but to me shahid was standout performer,
kareena's character in the movie was so lovable that
somehow it overshadowed the best till date shahid's performance.
i am now biggest fan of imtiaz but that's the scary part coz he had too fulfill it with his next movie also.
but i want to ask a ques. to imtiaz why in his all movie his prime character is so confused?
earlier their was abhay this time kareena,what's the scene plz ask it to imtiaz in court marshal.