0.5 Poor

Jab We Met

see,to be frank enough i was shocked,surprised,and the same time horrified not more by the movie but by the way users are giving their reviews. This movie is complete waste of time and money and a complete piece of sh**.(sorry ther's no other way i can explain my frustration). STORY!! (i can name ten movies based on the same story).Shahid cant be worser than this and kareena (Madam itna overacting mat karo plz).Direction is very very ordinary (Imtiaz ali- i was a fan of this versatile guy Writer of ahista-ahista,socha na tha ,director of the later ,has acted in Black friday ,his next movie is rockstar )Man you have disappointed me.... i can write ten pages discribing the flaws and errors in the movie.. screenplay is not upto the mark.. who is the editor(Are kaun hai iska editor !!!!)jo seen ko edit kar ke nikalna tha wohi daal diya....

now some positives-- Music ,Mauja hi mauja (mika does it again)-i like the song n dats a personal choice,u might like other songs as well.

im not discussing the negatives .lets forget the mediocre work of all these and go ahead..shahid remember u r an actor not a dancer and kareena -u r lucky that ur surname is KAPOOR .u ll get movies all thru your career.

sitting on a local train(shahid) wont make this movie great

IM GIVING 0.5 .. (for the music)