5 Excellent

Jab We Met

Mind-blowing, superb, fantastic. It's a movie to be remembered for life time. Frankly, am not so fan of Kareena, though i like Saheed very much. The reason why i went to watch the movie was the music & IndiaFM review. But i have not expected such an extravaganza... The theme of the movie may be the same as thousands of Bollywood movies (love story) but the presentation is unique. The most markable things of this movie are :-
i) First & foremost the dialogs of the characters. Especially the dialogs of Kareena and her style of dialog delivery is very different from any of her previous roles also from other movies. All the conversations between Sahid & Kareena are very interesting.
ii) Second the unexpectedness. You can't exactly guess the next dialog or scene of any scene. And what comes your way is a very pleasant surprise.
iii) Third is the songs & placement of the songs. Just perfect. Placement of a song is equally important as the quality of it. A misplaced song feels very odd. In "Jab We Met" all songs are well placed also very well choreographed.
iv) Jija-Saali ched-chad is also unique, which comes towards the end of the movie.
v) Starting from the first scene till the end the excitement continues. There is not a single scene where you feel like loosing interest. Trust me...
vi) Most important thing is the ideas. The innovative ways the film suggests to handle a break-up & subsequent heartburn is most uniques about this script. It was never been shown before in any movies.

I am completely in love with Jab We Met. If i'll go on narrating then perhaps this review will turn into a chapter. :-)
Last thing i want to say to all please never miss this movie. It's a must watch film. I feel it should be equated with DDL.