4 Very Good

Jab We Met

Jab we met - is a simple about a bubbly, chirpy girl (kareena) from punjab working in bombay, n an industrialist son (shahid). Shahid has lost his dad, n his girl friend, and hence is feeling low. So he decides to just leave - n takes a train . here he meets kareena. Kareena's chirpy, talkative (opposite to shahid). The conversations that follow in the train would leave you rolling on the floor. Shahid & kareena then go to her parents place in bhatinda, where she plan to run to manali to marry her lover. Shahid (inspired) heads back to bbay and now becomes successful. It turns out kareena is out of touch with her parents for a long time. Watch the movie for the rest of the story :) ... The characterization is amazing. Kareena/Geet - the chirlpy punjabi girl is so nicely put. Kareena has a very strong character in this film and she rules all over it. Kareena has also acted very well and suits the role.. Shahid the industrialist son, All the surdars in punjab, the baosting grandfather, The reluctant lover - ALL are done so nicely and all of them look so real. Songs are good. And for a change - they are in proper context. The movie is a complete family entertainer!