3.5 Very Good

Jab We Met

Ok i wanst expectign much from this album , but this album is where pritam goes really expermimental... It might not work .. or might -- It has only six tracks

1) Mauja Mauja -- By Mika

Ok this is a dance number --- It has a punjabi feel
Mika does an excellent.. If promoted well and if the movie does well the song could be a big dance hit

Rating : 4/5

2) Tum hi se

A romantic song ..Well the tune is really good ..The vocals are really good .. this song would grow on u after a few lissens and would sound better with pictuization

Ratign : 3.5/5

3) YeH Ishq Hai

Vocals by Shreya Goshal ... Excelelnt vocals.... The tune is very experimental... Very catchy tune
Nice song

Rating : 3.5/5

4) Nagada Nagada

Its a punjabi song by Sonu Nigam.. Vcals by sonu are really gooD,Culd Be a hit with the punjabi audience

Rating : 3/5

5) And now my fav song of the album by Shaan

Aao Milo Chalo.. Excellent song .... Really good compisition... Has a rajhastani feel..... The aalap by ustad sultan khan is excellent..

Rating : 4.5/5

6)Aoge Jab Tum

Some ppl mite likt this song more than aao milo chalo but though that is my fva song this is the best song in terms of quality

Composed by sandesh shandeliya.. its a ghazal typish song..


Rating : 4.75/5

7)This is an instrumental of tum hi to and its us excellent

SUPERB...... not rating it though. Everybody mite not liek the music and since its a travel movie .. This album has two really good songs all different..