4 Very Good

“Ishaqzaade hai zitne fassano me milte hai kahan ab zahhano me” this tag line describes a lot about Ishaqzaade , in one word story line is very common and it was tried by various filmmakers in different era of cinema but this Yash raj banner latest venture has many things in its platter.
When it’s promo was released in March, it created lots of buzz and movie was highly anticipated among youth and filmy pundits as after Band Baja Barat this is the first venture from Yash raj which have all new faces in lead roles, but initial reports and reviews were little disappointing as it got mediocre reviews from critics in spite of all the buzz.
As I have mentioned that story line is very simple –love story of Hindu boy and Muslim girl who are children of sworn political enemies, but Ishaqzaade is winner in many areas inspite of its simple story. Firstly, kudos to Habib Faisal for tight screen play direction from the simple plot within perfect running time (2 hrs approx.),Habib again proved his mettle in different genre after National award winning Do Doni Chaar ,he has the guts to break stereotype and come with a product which is entirely different from his previous one. Secondly- its location and cinematography, hats off to the cameraman who capture small town Almore in UP(it’s a fictional town , actual shoot happens in Hardoi and other areas near to Lucknow) in its lens in all possible ways. Few sequences like climax run scene was shoot so adequately that you totally sulk into the location, whosoever is familiar with north india can understand that it’s not an easy job to shoot in such congested and narrow lanes. Third one is acting from lead cast and supportive cast, all the supportive cast has done their role perfectly you can name any one weather its Parma’s (Arjun) grandfather and his mother , Zoya’s(Parineeti) brothers all are in sync. You may think that Parma’s character is a kind of tailor made role for Arjun but i can assure you that he has done lot of hard work to get into the skin of this character as it is not easy to get body language of this kind of character, he is flawless in almost all part except few sequence and on the same time handled few sequence (like pre interval weeding scene) very efficiently, for a long journey in bollywood he has to prove himself in different genre of movies. One film old Parineeti Chopra perform her part exceptionally well, she is going to be one of the best unconventional newcomers in recent times. After bubbly Punjabi girl in Ladies Vs Ricky Behl she sinks in Zoya ‘s character very deeply ,you can’t imagine anyone else playing this role. She was so convincing in few sequence like post weeding love making scene, climax scene that you never feel disconnected from screen. No wonder if you see Arjun’s and Parineeti’s nomination in this year award functions.
Somewhere I felt that Ishaqzaade has the potential to gain a cult status like Hassil and Omkara among youth because of its location, treatment and dialogbazzi , but in this point Ishaqzaade lacks as while watching you will feel that something is missing in this. Don’t forget that above movies are serious cinemas which have love story in their backdrop while Ishaqzaade is all n all love story. But on the same time this movie will be in youth’s heart for a long time like QSQT and Ek duje ke liye, I consider Ishaqzzade as desi Romio Juliet. Economically Yash raj has recovered major chunk of amount from satellite rights and remaining from weekend collections.
At last, it’s a brave attempt from yash raj and habib and perfect platform for Arjun and Parineeti. Different section of cinema lover will have different opinion about this that’s why Ishaqzaade got mixed reviews, go for this without any much expectation you will definitely enjoy.