3.5 Very Good

We have witnessed numerous love stories on the big screen. Ishaqzaade is about two characters who are taught to hate each other from childhood by their families.but all hell breaks loose when they fall in love instead ! Habib Faisal chooses a good subject and delivers a superb film ! Ishaqzaade has a good entertaining first half.there are right doses of humour , romance and drama in this half ! the twist before the climax is sure to hit you like a jolt ! the film slows down in after the post interval portions but gather steam towards the climax.
the climax is the mainstay of the movie.it is beautifully penned down and brilliantly executed.dialogues are fiery ! music is superb with each and every track being picturised beautifully ! background score is effective.actin is raw and gritty and is thoroughly enjoyable ! camera work is superb ! Habib Faisal's execution of the subject deserves brownie points ! Ishaqzaade belongs to the lead pair ! Arjun Kapoor makes a smashing debut with Ishaqzaade ! his dialogue delivery and his expressions are superb !
Parineeti Chopra is the life of Ishaqzaade ! she is amazingly superbb ! surely an award winning performance by the newbie ! she charms you every time she is onscreen ! she also looks quite pretty ! the chemistry of the lead pair is electrifying ! Gauhar Khan is first-rate ! Anil Rastogi is superb ! Ratan Rathore is brilliant ! Natasha Rastogi makes an impact ! the rest of the cast is first rate ! overall, ISHAQZAADE is a hatke love story with gripping screenplay , terrific chemistry of the lead pair and award winning performance of Parineeti Chopra as its main USP