2.5 Good

I, Me Aur Main: Pace and Prachi saves the film!
Some films make you say "Wow!" and some force
you to say "Yuk!". When we come to films like, I
Me Aur Main, one seems confused (like the film
itself) to utter anything. Neither it seems too good,
nor too bad.
The story of the film is a way more forward and modern in approach and thus makes it a targeted film for urban soceity only. The film is funny at times only. Characterisation is not clear, especially that of Chitrangda, and in a way puts down the entire star cast. The film talks about many themes which muddles up the whole play with lose ends. The pace of the film is fast which saves it from being boring. Dialogues of the film suits the tone and theme. Climax of the film is praiseworthy, it's unpredictable and might change the bad opinions of the audience at the last moment. The debutant director Kapil Sharma has given a sincere and honest effort through the film, but again, due to a weak plot, he lose the spark.
John Abraham as Ishaan manages to pull up the role sincerely. We are happy to see him exploit himself as a performer. Though, his expressions at places looks too constructive rather than being natural. Chitrangda as Anushka plays her part good, but her character has not been sketched out clear and is brief. She could have skipped this film as there is nothing good for her here.
Prachi Desai is the highlight of the film. She is fresh, vivacious and natural as Gauri. She is excellent in emotional scenes and manages to get Judged as the best performance in the film! Zarina Waheb is excellent as always. Mini Mathur is efficient in her scenes. Raima Sen is wasted. Other support cast is average.
It's a treat for Prachi fans and for others, a one time watch. The film deserves *1/2, but Desai takes an extra star. So **1/2.