3.5 Very Good

Hamari Adhuri Kahani

First of all let me tell you that in the afternoon show of this movie, which doesn't have any Khan or Kumar in it, the house was full. Yeah, it's not convincing but it is true. The whole theater was full, especially with the youngsters. This clearly shows that Music hit, to Movie hit! Mohit Suri is popular for making films which are more related to the youngsters and especially the couples. The songs become popular before the movie release. He is the same director who made Ashiqui2 which became super hit without any stars and Ek Villain which collected 100cr at the box office without any storyline. So he rejoins the Bhatt camp and convince Mahesh Bhatt to write the story. Because of the family project, Emran Hashmi and Rajkumar Rao had been finalized for the respected roles. And Vidya Balan is selected because of the suggestion of Mahesh Bhatt. And then first of all, they create the soulful soundtrack. They even bought the song Zaroori Tha from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the better success of the album. Thus the film began to start! Story line is not refreshing. Old wine has been served in new bottle. But, the stars make the bottle a worthy drink. Undoubtedly, everyone will talk about Emran Hashmi after the movie. Though Vidya Balan is also fantastic and Rajkumar Rao also acts well. But, he is not convincing as a terrorist, or as an old man or as the husband of Vidya Balan. Vidya looks perfect for the role. But, it is Emran who makes the audience cry, who makes the audience to feel sad for him through his eyes, especially where tears come out from them. Music is outstanding. The best song that suits in it is Zaroori Tha. Title track is awesome. Jeet Ganguly once again proved that he can give the best! Last paragraph of that song is playing in the climax where Rao throws ashes in the garden, is the best scene with full emotions. Hasi and Hamnawa are also listenable. Dialogues are another plus point. The film is majorly dependent on Hashmi's powerful dialogues. Cinematography is as usual as we had seen in Suri's previous movies. Story looks good till interval, even after post interval, too. But, I don't convince with the climax and its twist. I'm hoping for something good for all, but, Suri only loves not so happy ending. This film shows the true love between two persons, so the Girlfriend-Boyfriend type people may not like this film. I'm saying so because I've watched some faces after the movie. On the whole, you can watch it once if you are a fan of Emran Hashmi or even Mohit Suri. I think it's better than Mohit's last 3-4 releases. But than also only Emran steals the show. This is his first U certified film, so family audience can also go for it. Hamari Adhuri Kahani can make only one difference and that is the return of Emran Hashmi!