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Gali Gali Chor Hai

After retiring from the army, widower Shiv Narayan (Satish Kaushik) lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Gulabganj, Madhya Pradesh, along with his son, Bharat (Akshaye Khanna), who is employed as a cashier in a bank and performs in the Ram Leela as Bajrangbali; Bharat's wife, Nisha (Shriya Sharan), who is a school-teacher, and a paying-guest in Mumbai-born Amita (Mugdha Godse). With state election contestants turning up their pitch, Sattu Tripathi (Amit Mistry), who plays Ramji, the brother of MLA Manku (Murli Sharma), approaches them to rent a room for their campaign, and they turn him down. Sattu is displeased, and is subsequently enraged when he finds out that they have rented a room to his rival, Mohanlal (Shashi Ranjan). He conspires with Manku as well as several police officers of Gulabganj Police Station and sets into motion a plan that will create hurdles and challenges in everyday lives of the entire Narayan family, starting with the 'recovery' of a table fan - that did not even belong to them; while Bharat and Nisha's relationship gets strained as she suspects him of having an affair with Amita.
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