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Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Dumb Laga Ke Haisha sucks you into its world with well-etched characters, beautiful cinematography, perfectly detailed production design, and a host of fine actors.Simple and breezy, while at the same time evocative of life in small-town India, Dumb Laga Ke Haisha is a charming film that you really shouldn't miss.

This film might further the cause of breaking away from the bastion but it reeks of predictability. Sharat Kataria pulls off a quaint-yet-flawed film. But in the end, it isn't extraordinary, failing to rise above the idea that a fat girl needs some schmuck to complete her life. Undeniably, the smarts are visible in its original thinking but it doesn't translate into a satiating viewing experience.

Dumb Laga Ke Haisha banks on Bhumi to make her character accessible enough to relate yet spirited enough to inspire. The newcomer doesn't let you down and renders Sandhya worth rooting for, racing for. If her feisty side tackles her new home singlehandedly, the incorrigible romantic cannot resist catching fond glimpses of her grumpy husband from the corner of the eye.

The film tells a slice-of-life love story that is exceptionally unconventional, and not simply because of the heroine's body type.The film itself is of the sort that delights in its humanity, a trait deeply embedded in its core.YRF hasn't produced a better film in years. Dumb Laga Ke Haisha is more than just a must-watch. It should to be held up as an example of what a mainstream Bollywood banner can achieve when it lends its clout to an out-of-the-box idea executed by a director who clearly knows his onions better than most in the business today.