5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

Wow what a great movie.
Only one word for it fantastic.
I mean considering a Bollywood movie it has the best action scenes.
This movie is MEGA super duper HIT
The star of the movie is HRITHIK I mean he is the only real good looking man we have in Bollywood. And yes Aishwarya Rai she is sooo sexy
Now I agree she is the most beautiful women in the world and sexy too.
Aishwarya Rai ne crazy kiya re…………….
HRITHIK and aish are perfect match on Bollywood.
Abhi was good and bips was good tooo. But they have small roles in the movie.
I want to see moreeeeeeeee
In dhoom3 don’t take SRk let it be HRITHIK and aish.
Thanks sanjay gadhvi.
After crappie movies like KANK and DON we really wanted something as good as this.
We still love Bollywood

HRITHIK 10/10 Hunk
ASH 10/10 Real babe
ABHI 8/10 cool
BIP 7/10 nice
sanjay gadhvi 8/10 fantastic
Sexiness 10/10
Action 9/10
Romance 8/10
BTW guys AISHWARY AND HRITHIK has kissing scene in the movie