3 Good

Dharam Sankat Mein

Director Mr Fuwad Khan work is technically OK. He prefers lots of unnecessary movement in takes but I heartily appreciate him for keeping his vision very clear about this sensational issue. So, he kept writers group very focused about his wants. The Urdu fonts used in credit and title are creatively overboard. I got it while watching the film otherwise I was unable to get it. You can easily get the feel that it is written by more than one writer, actually there are four here. Due to this movie is not seamless. You enjoy the movie in bits and pieces. Over all writers Sanjay Sharma, Alpesh Dixit, Vijay Desai and Vedish Jhaveri work is good. They are excellent in dialogues but average in screenplay. Parallel cut of protagonist learning religious rituals is realistic, funny and intelligent but snatching file in orphanage office is typical filmy. There is one great shot used as metaphor, which is riding motorcycle by protagonist in three different looks, which reflects that common person is being sandwiched between religion. I loved this one. Then visualization of protagonist that he is approached by another religion is irritating. The main drawback of this film is less emotional quotient. The family bond is not established well, even the love track is bad. Both these notes are the soul of movie but due to not established well, you feel that why is he doing all this? Movie takes a slow start then grabs pace, again slows down after interval then picks up. Pre climax is slow, climax is average. The excuses made by protagonist time to time by covering his lie is cute and fresh i.e coming in Father gate up, excuse of wearing a particular cap. Over all you enjoy the movie. Performance wise Naseerudin Shah as Neelanand Baba is excellent in his brief role. He takes every word to a different level. Annu Kapoor as Nawab Mehmood..... is very impressive. He touches your heart by putting the right amount of emotions in words. Paresh Raval as Dharmpal is great. Murli Sharma as Imam is very good. One song "Allah Hoo.." is good and have great lyrics.