4.5 Excellent

Desi Boyz

Full On Entertainment is the perfect description what can be given for this lovely 2 hour package.
Rohit Dhawan has shown that he is truly the son of the Bollywood director who has given so many awesome comedy movies.
Desi Boyz is a pefect mixture of excellent performances,good screenplay,outstanding music and appropriate movie length.
Akshay Kumar is back on track with a bang.
Of course,comedy is his forte but in this he ensures that he doesn't go over the top at all.
John has perfectly matched Akki with his natural acting.Chitrangada looks smoking hot!!!.
Sanju delivers some of the strongest punches of the movie.
Pritam's music is of top notch.
Overall Go for Desi Boyz and enjoy every moment of this feel good entertainer.
A strong Thumbs Up!!