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Dekh Tamasha Dekh Movie Review

Dekh Tamasha Dekh Movie Rating

At a time when our country is getting all geared up for the D-day [or should we say the E-day -- Election Day], the entertainment industry seems to be filled with dedications for the same. YOUNGISTAAN and BHOOTNATH RETURNS provided an interesting take on Indian politics and politicians. This week witnesses the release of DEKH TAMASHA DEKH, a socio-political satire, which revolves around the hunt for the religious identity of a man.

Inspired by a true incident, DEKH TAMASHA DEKH starts off when an underprivileged man gets crushed under the weight of a politician's [Satish Kaushik] mega hoarding. The film gets into the mood immediately after the death of this man: Be it the judge trying to get into the details of the man's death, be it the lawyers of the parties arguing the case, be it the sparking off of the communal riots... Since the deceased, who was a Hindu by birth, but had got converted to Islam, his death gives rise to a religious spark between two religious factions -- the Hindus and Muslims -- who want his body to be burnt and buried, respectively.

Amidst all this chaos, comes a dedicated young IPS officer, who tries to bring a stop-gap solution to this problem by keeping the dead body in the morgue, till the time the court reads out its final decision. After all the bloodshed and bloodbaths, the court announces its decision in favor of the Hindus. Despite the court's decision, the deceased's relatives bury his body minus any opposition and chaos. This is what confuses and surprises the IPS officer, till a revelation takes place…

The captain of the ship, director Feroz Abbas Khan, who has several noteworthy plays and a film to his credit [GANDHI, MY FATHER], deserves points for handling the sensitive issue with utmost care. Even though the film has its quintessential fun moments, he makes sure the film doesn't go overboard.

Although the storyteller does away with the background score, giving the film a realistic feel, the film could've done with a tighter edit in order to make the film more in sync with the storyline. The cinematic grammar of the film stays intact as far as the dialogue are concerned. The writer [Shafaat Khan] deserves accolades for bringing out the reality of politicians and their opportunistic politics in a light-hearted manner.

Of the cast, Satish Kaushik, as the politician, is as dependable as ever. And so are Vinay Jain, Tanvi Azmi and Ganesh Yadav. A special mention ought to be made of Sudhir Pandey, who excels in his part.

With a run time of just about 100 minutes, DEKH TAMASHA DEKH is indeed watchable.

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