3 Good

Three altogether different stories from three different time periods spurned into one with the common thread being the protagonist named 'David' in all the three aforesaid stories. To justify this common thread, all these three Davids happen to directly or indirectly touch each other's lives (for once) giving it a significant turn!As such the movie has no clear message. At most one can say that therein the name David denotes sacrifices in different forms i.e. of life, career, love and even urge to assassin for revenge!

Individually, all the three stories have been shot good enough, clearly having the time stamp of the period that they depict. The movie belongs to a different genre altogether. The director nedds to be applauded to make the brave attempt of trying such a genre in India. But a lot needs to be improvised as well. Watching this movie, many may feel simply confused.

Neil, Vikram, Vinay have all done pretty good job. Isha simply lights up the screen with her presence. Milind, Monica and Tabu are intense and effective in their small roles.