1.5 Average

Bombay Velvet

Visuals are outstanding. Credit goes to cinematographer #RajeevRavi and art director #SameerSawant . I wish movie could have complimented that. Starting few minutes promise to offer something new and interesting but then movie slips down and entangles in its complexity. It tests your patience in climax. You need director by your side to explain lots of things. Director shows the smoking warning signs throughout the movie to show his protest of Censor baseless instruction, which I support. Initially boxing ring intrigues you but after so many repetitions, it bores. Same happens to the songs coming between scenes. Surprisingly most of the times protagonist gets hurt on his right eye and left cheek as if all opponents know his weakness!? Film is been promoted as love story but I could not get this emotions in a single scene even. After all its lengthy and slow. Performance wise Anushka Sharma is very good and she easily fits herself into the character. Ranbir Kapoor is impressive. Karan Johar is surprise packet. In the scene where he controls his laughter, he is too good. Rest are just OK. Music is soothing but somehow its in overdose.