3.5 Very Good

Bombay Velvet

It has become quite a trend nowadays where everyone declares the next project as "dream project" but it is totally unacceptable for director of Kashyap's caliber to be a part of this queue. Bombay Velvet is a result of being impatient and excited, AK was in excitement to show that he could also be a so called 100cr. club director or he could also handle the big commercial stars. I enters with a lot of expectation and it was neither for Ranbir nor for Anushka but just for AK. Bombay Velvet is a movie that takes you in to Bombay of 1960's and just the time when you start understanding the things around you ...it left your hand and you find yourself lost. The movie really starts on a good note and you feel the breeze of AK's special but it is the loose script and small plot that give something is missing kind of a feeling and then you start to think that may be the climax will change all this but your assumptions remains fails. The only thing that you could appreciate is the art direction, it is perhaps the best among what we have seen so far in this year. the team had did everything to make you believe that this the Bombay of 60's and they succeeded in this. The only stand out performs in the movie is of Ranbir Kapoor, this man definitely shows his charm and as the surprise package Vivan Shah stands up. KJo also gives sudden sparks in some scene. All and All the movie BV is like that beautifully crafted arrow that misses its targets but it happens especially with dream projects.