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Bombay Velvet

First things first, BOMBAY VELVET is Anurag Kashyap's weakest film till date. Made on a hefty budget of 120 crores, I as a cinema lover is feeling cheated. The film industry runs on the money paid by the audience which the production houses earn from previous films. And later these production houses sign various directors with whom they think that they have the potential to deliver. But with the same budget Anurag Kashyap could have made a much greater film in terms of style and substance.

Well to be honest, I am confused about Ranbir Kapoor's character in the film as Johnny Balraj. I mean who is he in the film, yes, we know that he wants to become a Big Shot but who is he? Coming to Anushka Sharma as Rosie, she excels! For me she is the saving grace for this horrendous film. She is absolutely gorgeous and her act in equally disappointing climax is absolutely fantastic. Karan Johar as Khambata in his debut, makes up a good villain as per the script demanded, but what was the script?

Anurag Kashyap has big films to his name like Gangs of Wasseypur, Ugly, DevD etc but he fails miserably this time. He attempts to make a commercial entertainer which falls flat on his face. No doubt, he has presented the movie very well, but the nutrients like entertainment, story, style, content, etc are thoroughly missing. Music by Amit Trivedi grows slowly upon you. Songs like Dhadaam Dhadaam and Behroopia are my favorite. Due to clichéd plot the background score didn't intensify my viewing experience.

On the whole, BOMBAY VELVET is a huge let down. Unnecessary violence plays a huge contribution in its letdown. Audience will reject it, because for me GOW had set a benchmark but this one was not even near Anurag Kashyap's credentials! Watch it if you want see how Anushka Sharma is the saving grace of this film. Otherwise skip it! DISASTER!