2.5 Good

Blood Money is the new version of Vishesh Films 2008 Super hit 'Jannat' but the difference is that Jannat is way more engaging and interesting than Blood Money
Blood Money suffers from an overstretched screenplay , cliche scenes and a long running time ! we have witnessed numerous films like Blood Money in the past ! but Blood Money does not even try to be different and falls in the been there seen that category ! the screenplay is overstretched and has many unnecessary scenes ! the film takes too much time to get to the point ! Blood Money begins on an exciting note and maintains very well till the pre interval portions but drags on from there ! the film comes on track in the pre climax portions ! there are few twists and turns in the second half to keep you hooked ! the climax is a bit filmy with the protagonist running around the town despite being stabbed ! dialogues are routine ! music is good ! action scenes are fine ! cinematography is first rate ! direction by Vishal Mahadkar is decent !
Kunal Khemu makes Blood Money watchable ! the actor pitches in a sincere performance ! Amrita Puri is likable ! Manish Choudhary is first rate ! Sandeep Sikchand is competent ! Karan mehra is alright ! Mia Uyeda just scorches up the screen but has a long way to go in terms of acting ! Teeshay is fine ! overall, Blood Money is interesting only in parts !