4.5 Excellent

BARFI Reviewed ---- 4.5* Stars out of 5

Anurag Basu's Barfi is a superb classic bollywood flick.

Excellent Movie.
we need to see that without words and much dialogues barfi take u in to happiness, emotion Its neither a silent movie nor it has many dialogues, A sensible movie which could be seen after years., ween Ranbir, priyanka, and Ileana d'Cruz..

A movie which could be maade once in a life time. A movie which have raised heights for all directors, a movie which has many things to convey but can't speak, a movie which makes u cry, even if u can't hear, it makes every possible attempt to make u feel that u r special in ur life, and you should enjoy ur life the way u are..

Some beautiful locations of darjling, and a complete emotions movie which will remind of you with ur past, with ur lovely time which u had in past

Ranbir and priyanka have raised highest possible heights for acting. None could have done better than these two..
Anurah basu love u for such a wonderful attempt.

An 100% oscar entry for this year. An 100% award winning movie for 2012.

After Pushpak (Silent Movie), Sanjay Lella Bansali's Black