3 Good

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Before you read my review and reach to a conclusion, I would like to tell you that I'm a die-hard 'Bhai' fan since childhood so all these reviews doesn't matter for me. But I'm posting my honest confession for all those to whom it matters. This movie is not a typical Salman Khan masala movie but much more than that.

I went with the expectation of watching my favorite hero Salman, but to my surprise. I found out that The lead hero of this movie is story. Then the captain of the ship Kabir Khan. Then that little angel harshali Malhotra. And after that Salman and Nawaz.

The first half could have been edited little bit but you can't blame a guy like Kabir Khan who has shot documentary films all his career. The second half of this movie is simply amazing and you keep getting connected with this movie. The climax and the overall movie is a masterpiece.

Nawaz was awesome as always. Harshali was treat to eyes and she expressed so many things without saying a single word. The surprise package was Salman Bhai's acting and the best thing about his acting was the honesty with which he lived the character of bajrangi. The concept of hindu-Muslim and Ind-Pak is essayed with purest of humanity without disrespecting anyone.

Go and watch this film with your family. If you try to find mistakes, then not a single movie will come clean. But if you want to find out positives, then this movie is full of them.