3 Good

Bahubali – The Beginning

baahubali finally hits the theaters with high expectation.Mostly by Indians.The movie is both combination of class and mass.We can see the hard work of director SS rajamoli in every frame..director designed the screenplay very well.As expected the visual effects in this film is high and proves the Indian film graphs is equal to Hollywood.The first is little slow.Performance of Devasena, Sivagami, Bijjaladeva, Kattappa characters were awesome.And in second half the war sequences will take you to next level.Director show the difference of Baahubali and Bhallala Deva characters along with war sequences by without missing logic.And every frame is designed every rich...we can proudly say it is Indian biggest motion picture as ever seen till now.And finally enjoy the movie.its completely takes you to the world baahubali.