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Bahubali – The Beginning Music Review



One expects a grand musical score for Bahubali, considering the kind of opulence which is on display in the promos of the film. Since director S.S. Rajamouli thinks big, even the musical score is expected on the same lines. With veteran composer M.M. Kreem at the helm of affairs, one expects a dash of melody to be thrown in as well to act as the driving force. Manoj Muntashir is roped in as a lyricist.


Bombay Jayashri begins the proceedings with the title song which is tagged as 'Mamta Se Bhari'. It is a slow start for the song which gets forceful once the male singer comes on the scene. An introduction song for the man in question, Bahubali, it also has heavy weight words like 'vish', 'amrit' and 'manthan' thrown in, which immediately bring this track into the 'situational' zone. Once the song passes through the two minute mark, there is heroism on display with some thumping music, which would sound good when seen with the visuals.

Thump continues in the proceedings with Kailash Kher roped in for 'Jal Rahin Hain'. The song is totally into the zone for the singer and he is just the right artist for the part. A war song which is yet again situational to the core, it does take one back into the period era. While the chorus does its job right, by this time you do wonder if there would be songs on display that may enjoy a life beyond the film's run as well.

Bombay Jayashri returns on the scene, this time with Swetha Raj, for 'Swapn Sunehere'. The moment the song begins, what catches your attention are the lyrics that are yet again high on philosophy and are much heavily worded ('Kal-Kal Ye Aviral Ye Behti Jaati Praan Nadi'). It should add on well to the visual narrative of the film but as a song, it lasts for 100 seconds and one doesn't mind an early culmination.

It is at this point that a song arrives which one wants to play for as long as it can. Neeti Mohan gets into the scheme of affairs and makes an instant impact with 'Khoya Hain'. Oh yes, the lyrics are again the kind that Late P.K. Mishra excelled in when he was the man for the job for Hindi version of countless A.R. Rahman songs back in the 90s. However, you are willing to ignore that due to M.M. Kreem's grand vision around this love song which has some good chorus coupled with Kaala Bhairava's support behind the mike. This one promises to be quite visually appealing on the big screen.

It is back to a 'homage song' with a chorus kick-starting the proceedings for 'Kaun Hai Voh'. Kailash Kher is the man for the job and he begins to narrate lofty tales about the man of the moment, Bahubali. He has Mounima for company in this yet another out and out situational number.

Thankfully, the last couple of songs bring back some melody on the screen, something which was expected from M.M. Kreem right from the start. Palak Muchhal, the girl with an eternally sweet voice, is perfect for this song 'Panchhi Boley' in the center of all the beauty that nature has to offer, and she manages to impress all over again. One wonders though if Kreem could have resisted the temptation of bringing himself behind the mike as for the Hindi version, a conventional voice would have made it all the more appealing.

For those who have liked the South music from the late 80s and the leary 90s, which was the source of inspiration for many Anand-Milind chartbusters, there is 'Manohari'. Now this one actually turns out to be the best of the lot with Neeti Mohan letting her hair down and truly enjoying the proceedings. Even Divya Kumar is in complete synch with Neeti here and together, they come up with the most commercial song of the album, hence allowing some repeat value for 'Manohari' at the least.


The music of Bahubali can be clearly divided into two parts - One, which has a horde of situational tracks that go well with the theme of lead protagonist and two, which is made of a few romantic melodies that are aimed for those who like their music to be conventional. For the Hindi speaking audience, it's the latter (which arrives a little late in the day during the album) that would carry more appeal.


'Manohari', 'Panchhi Boley', 'Khoya Hain'

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